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When Adult Star Mia Khalifa Said "Being In The Army Is Worse Than Being On OnlyFans" & Added, "You're Selling Your Body..."
When Adult Star Mia Khalifa Said “Being In The Army Is Worse Than Being On OnlyFans”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Mia Khalifa gained immense fame with her brief stint in the adult industry. The Lebanese-American media personality became the most viewed performer on the erotica platform within two months of her debut in 2014. She has retired from that role, but her controversial remarks often grab headlines. Remember when she compared OnlyFans with the army? Scroll below for all the details.

Khalifa made a lot of noise over her pro-Palestine tweets last year. Amid the Hamas attack on Israel, she went on to state that those against the Palestinians are “on the wrong side of apartheid.” As expected, the tweets received massive backlash, and the former adult star was brutally trolled on social media.

Mia Khalifa compares the Army with OnlyFans

There was a time when Mia Khalifa was completely against citizens joining the army. During her appearance on the Ziwe talk show in July 2022, she was asked, “So we have OnlyFans, and then we have the s*x work industry, and then we have like actors, is there a difference between these industries or are we all fundamentally selling our bodies in some way?”

Mia Khalifa responded, “Honestly, I think that selling your body, like if we are going by that definition, is worse than being in the army than being on OnlyFans. You’re selling your body to the government.”

Her opinion did not go well with the viewers, who brutally trolled Mia for disrespecting the soldiers. But that did not stop Khalifa from making another offensive claim.

Mia Khalifa claims Marilyn Monroe’s skirt motivates army men!

Defending her previous statement one year later, Mia Khalifa wrote on X/ Twitter, “To everyone up in arms about my statement that being in the military is worse than being on onlyfans cause you’re selling your body to the gov’t – we’re both serving this nation! What do you think they sent for morale back in the day? More troops, or Marilyn Monroe in a skirt???”

Meanwhile, back in September 2023, Mia Khalifa was also accused of reckless driving. She shared a viral clip on Instagram driving at a speed of 100 mph. The adult sensation also captured a video while on the wheels, which is again strictly prohibited. The mushroom emoji in her caption raised speculations that she was under the influence of illegal substances.

But there’s barely anything that offends Mia. She continues to share explicit images and make unapologetic, controversial remarks on her social media platforms.

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