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Vin Diesel’s Future Comes Into Question Following Fast & Furious Conclusion

Vin Diesel's Future Comes into Question Following Fast & Furious Conclusion
Vin Diesel’s Future Comes into Question Following Fast & Furious Conclusion ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

What lies ahead for Vin Diesel as an action hero once he steps away from the Fast & Furious franchise? Fast & Furious, with its total box office earnings exceeding $7 billion, ranks as the eighth highest-grossing film series ever, enjoying widespread popularity and lasting triumph. Throughout its journey, the franchise has transformed from its origins in street racing to exploring themes of heists and espionage.

Vin Diesel, a central figure in the Fast & Furious universe, has been the face of Dominic “Dom” Toretto since the franchise’s kickoff in 2001’s The Fast and the Furious. Across ten films, Diesel’s portrayal of the street-smart racer and family patriarch has left an indelible mark. Yet, he’s hinted that Fast & Furious 11 will wrap up his journey as Dom. As the franchise ponders its future sans Diesel, his next cinematic venture remains a mystery.

The 2020 film adaptation of Bloodshot, drawing from Valiant Comics, was positioned as a potential successor to Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious role. Sony Pictures Entertainment aimed to launch a shared universe based on Valiant Comics’ characters. However, Bloodshot’s disappointing performance cast doubt on the studio’s cinematic universe plans, with only $37.3 million in box office earnings. It fell short of becoming the anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe contender.

In the source material, Diesel’s character is this badass soldier, right? Got taken out in action but then resurrected with some insane superpowers. Now, this organization is pulling the strings, thinking they can control him, believing he’s some ultimate weapon. But let me tell you, Bloodshot ain’t no puppet. He’s got his agenda, mainly because he’s out for vengeance against the scumbag who took out him and his old lady. While Bloodshot brings some old-school severe action vibes and pulls some clever moves from the source material, the execution just needed to pack the punch we hoped for.

Bloodshot took some heavy hits from critics, getting called out for its same-old, been-there-done-that storyline. Fans were split on the action scenes, but many agreed they lacked that real punch, primarily because of all the quick cuts messing with the flow. Trying to ride on the coattails of better action and superhero flicks, Bloodshot just didn’t stand out. With critics laying the smackdown and the box office takings coming up short, the Valiant Comics cinematic universe’s future became a real head-scratcher after Bloodshot dropped.

There’s No surprise; Bloodshot’s lackluster showing didn’t precisely set the stage for a new Valiant Comics superhero cinematic universe or its follow-up flick. They had big plans, though, lining up other Valiant Comics heroes for their films, like Harbinger, and gearing up for a massive crossover showdown, Harbinger Wars. Different studios got their mitts on the rights to these shared-universe gems. But check it, Director David S. F. Wilson ain’t throwing in the towel just yet. Dude’s still pumped about what’s next for the Valiant Comics cinematic universe, according to Den of Geek. And guess what? Before 2020 wrapped, word on the street was that we were getting a Bloodshot sequel with Vin Diesel back in action.

Diesel’s gearing up for another round as the main dude in Bloodshot, but let’s be honest, it ain’t gonna hit Fast & Furious levels of hype. The whole cinematic universe deal might catch fire eventually, but it will need more time to fill the Fast 11-sized gap for Diesel. People have been whispering about another Chronicles of Riddick flick, but it’s been slow-moving since the last one dropped in 2013. And let’s face it, Riddick ain’t pulling in Fast & Furious cash. It’s the same deal with talk of another Xander Cage joint – nothing concrete from Vin Diesel about what’s next after Fast 11.

So, what’s Vin Diesel’s next move? Who knows, man? It’s all up in the air. Here’s hoping for brighter days ahead for Diesel. Maybe he’ll make killer choices in what he tackles next on the big screen.

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