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The Gift Season 3, ALL Cast, Release Date, Plot, Netflix, 2021

The Gift Season 3, ALL Cast, Release Date, Plot, Netflix, 2021 and Storyline by

The Gift Series is a very famous Turkish series The Gift Series is a Turkish English language series directed by ahmetkozan. This series is full of romantic drama and thriller. This series is made under Netflix Studios. This series is available on Netflix.

Series NameThe Gift
LanguageHindi, English, Kurdish, Aramaic, Turkish
GenreThriller, Drama, Romance, Action
Release Date17 June 2021
SeasonsSeason 3
Platform OttNetflix
All EpisodesTotal 24 Episode
Country of originTurkey
Runtime42-46 Min

The Gift Season 3 Plot

Gift series is very popular series by fans. The story of the third season has been started from where the second season of this series ended. In the third season, we will start the quest to find Adan, the daughter of Atiye. She will face the darkness that is the source of her cosmic powers.

The Gift Season 3 StoryLine

The episodes of this series will force you to watch the entire episode, the story of this series is tremendous. Will make you curious about it. We are introduced to Atiya, which can always assume a special form, which it can do since childhood. She has a government job as a teacher, while she also follows her passion for painting. She successfully organized an exhibition of her paintings in which she shows those symbols and later learns more about their origins. But there are some who are aware of the abilities that come with the symbol. Now Atiye must ensure that his dangerous powers do not fall into the hands of the wrong people. As the series progresses, her daughter inherits dangerous powers, putting her daughter in danger. Separated from her mother, Atiye is now searching for her lost child in the upcoming series.

The Gift Season 3 All Cast

Beren Saat (Atiye)

The Gift Season 3

Mehmet Gunsur (Erhan)

The Gift Season 3

Metin Akdulger (Ozan)

The Gift Season 3

Melissa Senolsun (Elif)

The Gift Season 3

Basak Koklukaya (Serap)

The Gift Season 3

Civan Canova (Mustafa)
Tim Seyfi (Serdar)
Meral Cetinkaya (Zuhre)
Cezmi Baskin (Honor)
Fatih Al (Nazim

The Gift Season 3 Release Date

The wait is finally over! The Gift Season 3 will premiere on June 17, 2021 only on Netflix.

The Gift Season 3 Watch

The first, second and third seasons of this series are available on Netflix and also all the episodes of all these seasons. watch and enjoy.

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