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The forgotten army web series full hd download

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The forgotten army download : Whenever the topic raises on Netaji, somehow our so-called intellectuals get cold feet. Regrettably, the current generation are fully unaware of what happened to the man who truly turned out to be the foremost catalyst to India’s independence. Simply forget about what you are being taught at school, I remember a small paragraph dedicated to Netaji SCB & his INA. Books like ‘India’s Biggest Cover-up’ by Anuj Dhar, ‘Women at War – Subhas Chandra Bose & Rani of Jhansi Regiment’ by Vera Hildebrand are just some of the examples on the epitome of sacrifice endured by these men & women during the Battle of Kohima & Imphal.

The Forgotten Army
The Forgotten Army,The forgotten army download

It has been 73 years & still our government did nothing, of-course nothing to expect when treachery is the bread & butter of the system & society. Something for which the Japanese loathes us because we truly don’t understand the meaning of honor or sacrifice leaving aside the Indian Armed Forces.

As a start this is the first time where we get to see on the silver screen the exploits of INA at the far east & its ultimate fate. Back in 2005 it was Shyam Benegal’s Bose which gave us a little glimpse of our nation’s legend. Being a war movie aficionado, I should praise the effort put up by Kabir Khan, who has earnestly tried to put forth the story of the forgotten army. We should never forget the sacrifice made by Netaji & his INA, this the least that can be expected from we worthless souls.

The forgotten army download : Watch the Forgotten Army web series for free only at Amazon Prime Video worldwide on 24th Jan 2020. Let it disclose the untold story!

I would highly recommend this mini-series to anyone who has an interest to know about the true story behind our nation’s freedom. Anyone who believes that the so-called non-violence truly brought India her freedom, really needs to keep tap on the events which led to sensational trial of INA officers at Red Fort back in February 1946, which raved the country like wild fire.

Kabir Khan brings the story of Indian men and women soldiers fighting personal battles to help achieve freedom for the country from British captivity in Amazon Prime Original series The Forgotten Army. … The Forgotten Army begins with retired army officer Surinder Sodhi.

The forgotten army download : When Subhas Bose took over the INA at Singapore, there was a sizeable amount of 60,000 enlisted men & women out of which 26,000 died during the end of Second World War. It was during the eve of INA trial when around 20,000 Royal Indian Navy mutinied against the Union Jack which lead to a panic across the Raj, which forced them to take a hasty decision for approving the transfer of power as a face saving grace event, so much for so-called ahimsa (non-violence) doctrine.

Forgotten Army
Forgotten Army

Note: I’m adding some additional foot-notes after seeing so many negative reviews; Kabir Khan has clearly mentioned in one of his interview, the story is seen from the perspective of one army officer who actively took part in the Battle of Mount Popa & Irrawaddy River operations, as for the love story it was inspired from the personal story of Captain Lakshmi Sahgal & Col. Prem Kumar Sahgal with some alteration, which is quite logical; the intent of the show was to bring forth the untold story of the decisive battle which forged our nation’s future. Trust me, I’ve seen more war movies than many of you can ever fathom, my personal favorites are Saving Private Ryan, Thin Red Line, Come & See, Stalingrad – German Edition, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Hacksaw Ridge etc. I applaud the effort put up by Kabir Khan; its coming from some one who rarely sees Hindi movies in general.

The Forgotten Army is the dynamic story of Lt. Sodhi and his daredevil band of men and women who fought a heroic battle for the independence of India as part of the Indian National Army which was forged out of British defeat in Singapore during WWII and led by the charismatic, indomitable Indian leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.StarringSunny Kaushal, Sharvari, Rohit ChoudharyGenresAction, DramaSubtitlesবাংলা, English, हिन्दी [CC], தமிழ், తెలుగుAudio Languagesहिन्दी, বাংলা, தமிழ், తెలుగు

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