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Pink Movie HD free Review

When three young girls are implicated in a crime, a retired lawyer steps forward to help them clear their names from crime.

Pink Movie HD free Review,Pink Movie HD free
Pink Movie HD free Review

Pink Movie HD free Review: Hello friends, today I will review the film Pink story starts in Surajkund where one of my girls Tapsi Pannu, one of my girls, has hit the son of a very large politician with a bottle and who has got a lot of injury on his eye.

Now this boy And its two want to take revenge on these three girls, this girl is so scared that she keeps sitting in her room with a latch, Bihari on the other side. Amitabh Bachchan sahib lives in Joni, who was once a lawyer, now he is friends with some amnesia or some other disease and is on medication.

Already they start staring at girls from China. They start chasing them. There is a very big villain, girls are also very afraid of them. When girls see if Amit Ji is standing in their balcony and they are staying, then girls close their windows.

Pink Movie HD free

After this, what happens in the story is that the reality is that their son takes full and trapping these three girls and I go to court to fight the case of these three girls and here it is that the politician’s lawyer He wants to complete that these three girls are doing business and Amit Ji wants to make it the former that this trio is Innocent and Sharif girls are screenplay no it’s not A joke on the screen and some jokes I tell you, like show Amit Ji that this is some disturbance from us first, that is some sick and he is unable to speak properly.

he also calls the police, then he speaks like this We behave as if they are not right after this, those who come in handy and those who do a tremendous life when Mr. Means become absolutely tantan, I think Doctor Bachchan saheb was fed a tablet of tremendous power after the interval, after the quarrel, the girls are very scared and sit in their house with a latch but all the time they were alone, they started walking out in the park and left in the morning.

If you are chasing, then pick him up and the story should have gone ahead, after such a big incident, all three of them should have lived very carefully. Nnu Hai Kamal Hai Sir, such scenes have been created in the entire film so that the public is the property of the girls who are already told that this is a girls business, this dialogue is great, it supports the film. Acting has played his role in a tremendous way and the grief of old age has been bestowed on him.

He has played the role of Taapsee’s friend Kirti Kumari. And he has acted a very tremendous Kishan, his third friend Andrea and he has also played his role very well but Piyush Mishra has cooked the public from his overacting shop. Girth Manjhi has played the judge’s role very much. Has played well Anirudh is very weak, he is the only one who can handle all his department in a good way, can only see Jason properly.

Who should have known where Amit Ji started his character and in which sun he should have known that when Taapsee Pannu started her character, she started as a very hearty very girl In the rest of the film, he was seen crying all over the place, he could not make such a gift anywhere where the audience could not tie up, neither his films are music nor his films are action.

Neither his films are thrills, neither his films are entertainment nor does he have the message in his film that if he wanted to give a girl if a girl does parties, Dinges wears short clothes then it does not mean that she is wrong. The doctor has already told that all three girls do business, do not you understand that Dr. Sahab thought that the simple public is for girls One who does business

Pink Movie HD free Review
Pink Movie HD free Review