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Not Kanye West, Bianca Censori Is The Culprit Of Her Own Revealing Outfits?

Bianca Censori's Pictures In Exposing Clothes Resurfaces Before She Married Kanye West - Find Out
Bianca Censori’s Pictures In Exposing Clothes Resurfaces Before She Married Kanye West. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Kanye West has been accused of forcing Bianca Censori’s NSFW fashion since day 1! But some of the old pictures of the Yeezy architect tell a different story! Censori’s mother and father showed concern for their daughter, as per a source, and the father even wanted to sit with Ye and talk to him about it. Bianca is almost all over social media for her sheer clothing and overexposing herself. The netizens often express their distaste for it and call out the couple for their bizarre shenanigans.

Kanye and Bianca have been in the news since they got married in 2022, soon after the rapper’s divorce from Kim Kardashian. Ye also has four kids with the SKIMS founder, and PR analysts and others feel that West makes Bianca dress in obscene clothes to grab attention and stay relevant in the media. In addition to vulgar outfits, the couple allegedly involved in obscene activities during their trip to Venice. They got banned by the boat company.

Now, many pictures of Bianca Censori have gone viral on Twitter, allegedly before she met Kanye West. The Yeezy founder is scantily clothed in those photographs. In one of the pictures posted by Spence Derp, Censori wore a dress fashioned from a harness, exposing her assets. Click on this to see her NSFW pic. In another picture, she is topless with a scarf-like thing protecting her modesty. See the image here.

Another post featured Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori’s multiple pictures of different outfits, and all were pretty sultry. Check them out. It shows that Censori had an explicit taste in fashion. Will this let Kanye off the hook? We don’t know that yet!

Previously, a source revealed to the Daily Mail that Bianca’s father, Leo Censori, has invited Kanye West to Australia, but the Yeezy architect is not on board with this as she knows how her father will react. The source claimed, “Her dad still plans to have a sit down with Kanye, and Leo will not be intimidated by Kanye‘s power or control. No one is expecting this to be all rainbows and family portraits.”

Recently, Bianca Censori was spotted in a blue strapless bodysuit paired with sheer white tights. She was strolling with her husband, Kanye West, who wore his signature black hoodie paired with trousers, all in black color. Her fashion never fails to raise eyebrows!

For more updates on this odd couple, stay tuned to Koimoi!

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