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Messiah? Denis Villeneuve Reveals His One Condition

Denis Villeneuve will proceed with Dune: Messiah only under a specific condition
Denis Villeneuve will proceed with Dune: Messiah only under a specific condition ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia; IMDb )

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Denis Villeneuve, the director of Dune: Part Two, discusses the potential sequel Messiah. Villeneuve hints that he would only consider moving forward with Messiah, pending approval from Legendary Entertainment, if he believes it can surpass Part Two and deliver a more captivating narrative.

Denis Villeneuve highlighted the logic behind shooting both films consecutively, citing the benefits of maintaining momentum after Part One. However, he acknowledged the toll it took, spending six years continuously on Arrakis. Recognizing the need for a break, Villeneuve emphasized the significance of refining the screenplay before progressing further. He expressed concern about the risks of proceeding without a solid plan and emphasized the importance of thorough documentation to mitigate potential challenges. Should Denis Villeneuve opt to undertake Dune Messiah, he underscores the necessity for authenticity and significance. He emphasizes that any forthcoming instalment must exceed the standards set by Part Two; otherwise, he will not move forward with it.

Before Part Two premiered on March 1, Villeneuve dropped hints about Messiah, revealing that he was nearing completion of the script for the third film. However, the esteemed director clarified that Messiah wouldn’t be his next immediate project, as he prefers not to rush its release. Villeneuve reassures fans that Messiah will exceed expectations, pledging it to be the “best movie ever.” He strives to create a more emotionally impactful and immersive cinematic experience, expanding upon the intense cliffhanger ending of Part Two.

During a recent interview with CNBC, Legendary Entertainment CEO Josh Grode conveyed optimism regarding the prospects of the third instalment, Messiah, hinging on Denis Villeneuve’s script and overall creative vision. Grode stressed that if Villeneuve can deliver a script that meets expectations and provides an experience akin to the previous film, then there is no reason to hesitate. Villeneuve has teased broader storylines for Zendaya’s Chani and Florence Pugh’s Princess Irulan in Messiah, along with unravelling a sandworm mystery from Part Two.

With the impressive success of the first two Dune films, Messiah faces lofty expectations, especially after the critical acclaim and box office triumph of the original Dune released in 2021, which earned six Academy Awards. Part Two has outshone its predecessor, grossing $514 million worldwide within three weeks, far exceeding Dune’s lifetime earnings of $434 million.

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