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John Constantine’s Latest Mission Reshapes His Relationships Forever

John Constantine's Latest Mission Reshapes His Relationships Forever
John Constantine’s Latest Mission Reshapes His Relationships Forever (Photo Credit – IMDb)

In John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead in America #3 by Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, Constantine is tasked by Dream of the Endless with retrieving the missing grains of sand from Dream’s pouch. Constantine accepts, compelled by his failing health—he’s suffering from heart failure and nearing death. Throughout his exploits, John Constantine has consistently made tough decisions for the greater good, often at the cost of losing friends. However, he deviates from the Hellblazer tradition, determined to save everyone. Meanwhile, Constantine’s allies Noah and Natalie are wanted by British authorities for crimes orchestrated by him.

After years of primarily focusing on his survival, John Constantine is now striving to save his friends as well, spurred by the deaths he’s witnessed among them. Unlike conventional heroes who aim to rescue everyone regardless of the consequences, John’s encounters with demons and angels have taught him that saving everyone isn’t always feasible. As a result, he’s been forced into situations where sacrificing friends becomes necessary. One such instance arises when his old friend Gary Lester accidentally unleashes a hunger demon in New York. Faced with saving Gary or safeguarding the lives of countless New Yorkers, John ultimately prioritizes the city’s safety. He outwits and ensnares Gary to contain the hunger demon, effectively sacrificing his friend. This incident is just one of many illustrating John’s history of grappling with tragic deaths.

Constantine’s life has long been marked by tragedy, with creators frequently introducing new friends only to kill them before leaving the book. This cycle allows each new creative team to introduce fresh characters and storylines. Despite this pattern of loss, there have been few exceptions. One writer departed from this tradition by allowing John’s friends to survive, although they resent him and cut ties afterward. After decades, John strives to break this cycle and alter his fate. Coping with the grief of losing loved ones is undeniably challenging, and John Constantine has faced his share of sorrow. Despite the emotional turmoil, he has always prioritized the welfare of the masses over personal connections. Faced with the dilemma of saving his childhood friend Gary Lester or preventing the deaths of millions, John made the difficult choice to safeguard the lives of countless others. Additionally, John tends to let others bear the consequences of his decisions. Nonetheless, he is determined to change and is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all beyond his interests.

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