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Is There A Sequel In The Works?

Future of "Immaculate" Franchise: Is There a Sequel in the Works?
Future of “Immaculate” Franchise: Is There a Sequel in the Works? (Photo Credit – Instagram)

‘Immaculate’ forgoes the inclusion of a post-credits scene, a decision rooted deeply in its self-contained narrative. Sydney Sweeney‘s portrayal of Cecilia drives this choice, as her character embarks on a journey of redemption and renewal through her devotion to God. Following a profound seven-minute brush with death, Cecilia interprets her miraculous resurrection as a divine calling to embrace the tenets of Catholicism and nurture her spiritual growth.

Cecilia’s lofty aspirations spiral into a grim reality as she steps into the Italian convent. The convent has a sinister agenda, a divine experiment centered around her. Driven by the belief in a nail purportedly from the cross of Jesus Christ, the convent clandestinely orchestrates Cecilia’s artificial insemination, blending her genetic material with supposed sacred elements. The outcome is a chilling pregnancy, leading the convent to herald Cecilia as the vessel for the Second Coming, oblivious to the malevolent methods employed to achieve this supposed miracle.

While many of the nuns revere Cecilia, others see her as an abomination. Cecilia is disturbed by her unintended role as a modern Virgin Mary figure. Upon discovering the truth behind her situation, Cecilia rebels against her captors, refusing to be a mere vessel for their agenda. This narrative delves into themes of sexual assault, the hypocrisy within religious institutions, and the fundamental right of women to choose regarding pregnancy. Reflecting society’s ongoing dialogue about bodily autonomy.

These themes broach provocative and boundary-breaking territory, prominently showcased in “Immaculate,” set to become one of the most contentious horror films, mainly due to its conclusion.

Future of the “Immaculate” Franchise (Spoilers Ahead)

In the film’s climax, Cecilia resorts to drastic actions, eliminating her foes and employing the nail to kill a priest, making a powerful statement to the convent. Subsequently, following the birth, she seemingly commits infanticide, expressing her determination not to let the child be manipulated or defined by its significance. Although the film leaves the baby’s destiny uncertain, Cecilia’s deep-seated trauma, resulting from months of mental and physical torment, is unmistakable.

As of now, there are no immediate plans to transform ‘Immaculate’ into a film franchise akin to ‘The Exorcist’ or ‘Conjuring’. However, with the impressive opening day earnings for ‘Immaculate’ under NEON, there appears to be a demand for more. The film’s ambiguous conclusion leaves the door open for a potential sequel to address whether Cecilia indeed committed infanticide. Considering her familial struggles, it’s plausible she may have vented her frustration by striking the rock instead of the child. A sequel that unveils Cecilia’s innocence could embark on various narrative paths. One intriguing possibility is delving into a modern retelling of the Mary and Jesus story, offering rich storytelling potential within the horror genre.

Could this child foretell destruction, as prophesied in the Book of Revelations? Unlike conventional horror narratives featuring deceitful prophets, a potential “Immaculate” sequel could venture into uncharted territory. Rather than inherently embodying evil, the sequel could depict the corruption of the Second Coming, resulting in a desire to eradicate humanity. This narrative arc would resonate with themes of Biblical retribution and the ascendance of malevolence, challenging the concept of the savior envisioned by the Holy Mother. Cecilia would grapple with feelings of inadequacy amidst this turmoil. With Sydney Sweeney’s formidable talent, such a storyline could be elevated, rendering an expansion of the “Immaculate” franchise exceedingly compelling.

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