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I Was Slightly Irritated About A Few Matters

Mark Wahlberg On Shooting 'The Departed': I Was Slightly Irritated About A Few Matters
Mark Wahlberg On Shooting ‘The Departed’: I Was Slightly Irritated About A Few Matters (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Mark Wahlberg got an Oscar nod for his role in “The Departed,” but working with Martin Scorsese wasn’t all smooth sailing. Wahlberg’s been griping about it since ’07, hinting at some severe drama behind the scenes. Even though he’s eased up on his complaints lately, the beef over his hair extensions just won’t quit, showing some lousy blood lingering from those filming days.

At first, Mark Wahlberg was being looked at for another character. On a recent Happy Sad Confused podcast episode, he mentioned that they were talking about money and which part he’d take, eventually settling on Dignam. Wahlberg thought playing this role would mesh with the other actors and affect the overall dynamic.

In the crime drama, Mark Wahlberg, a Boston native, took on the role of Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam. Dignam’s role in the movie centered around assisting Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character, Billy Costigan Jr., as he delved into undercover work within the criminal underworld.

After finishing filming “The Departed,” Mark Wahlberg had a jam-packed schedule with other projects, including the biopic “Invincible,” where he was set to play Philadelphia Eagles football star Vince Papale. Wahlberg had grown out his hair for this role, originally anticipating a short stint on “The Departed” set. However, when filming unexpectedly stretched to four months, Wahlberg refused to trim his hair, much to director Martin Scorsese’s frustration. Recalling Scorsese’s insistence on a haircut, Wahlberg boldly replied, “I don’t give a f–k.” Eventually, Wahlberg and Scorsese resolved their differences in a friendly manner.

Mark Wahlberg understood Scorsese’s viewpoint, recognizing the director’s struggles in handling actors such as Jack, Matt, and Leo and juggling studio requirements and other cast members.

Looking back, Wahlberg is glad he chose to be part of a movie that became crucial for his career. Despite encountering challenges, he understood the role’s value when he first read. It allowed him to immerse himself in a character and thoroughly enjoy the experience he reminisces about fondly.

In another interview, Wahlberg admitted that he initially declined “The Departed,” as he revealed in a 2019 conversation with GQ. Initially, Wahlberg wasn’t inclined to commit to the project, and his agent informed Scorsese of Wahlberg’s lack of interest. Nonetheless, Scorsese contacted Wahlberg, demonstrating his excitement about working together on the film. Despite Wahlberg’s initial rejection, Scorsese persisted, eventually convincing Wahlberg to meet in person. During their face-to-face discussion, the director persuaded Wahlberg to accept the role by allowing him creative control to modify his character.

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