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Henry Cavill Flaunts Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws In A Viral Fan Art Amid Rumors Of Him Joining MCU, Netizens Lose Their Minds & Call It “Super Dope”

Here's What The Netizens Think About Henry Cavill As Wolverine In This Fan Art
Henry Cavill Flaunts Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws In This Fan Art, Leaving The Netizens In Awe(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Henry Cavill is a British actor best known as Superman in the former DC Universe. Recently, rumors have been going on claiming that Cavill has been offered two critical roles in the MCU, one of which is of Wolverine. Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman is returning as the clawed mutant in the upcoming film Deadpool & Wolverine. Keep scrolling for more.

The actor gained unfathomable fame in his DC superhero role, and the fans are eager to see him in another such role. Fans also loved him for appearing as Geralt of Rivea in Netflix’s The Wicher. The actor is currently gearing up for the Guy Ritchie movie The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. While filming, he had a superhero moment as he saved his co-star Alex Pettyfer from drowning. The man is well-built and perfect for almost any kind of superhero role, and the MCU has a lot of scope to cast him either as an existing hero or in some new role.

There has been no official news about Henry Cavill joining the MCU, but that is not stopping fans from imagining him as a part of it. An artist @21xfour posted an artwork of Cavill as Wolverine on Instagram that has garnered countless likes and comments from the netizens. The look is fashioned from Hugh Jackman’s, with a beard and a long mane flaunting those adamantium claws. Cavill’s picture had a rugged look contrary to his gentlemanly demeanor.

Henry Cavill’s fan art as Wolverine, looks very impressive, and the fans are in awe. However, some people are not so thrilled about the idea as, according to the comics, Logan is around 5’3″, but Cavill is way taller, and so is Hugh Jackman.

In an interview once, the Man of Steel actor revealed that he would be interested in essaying Captain Britain in the MCU. In the Secret Invasion, there was also a mention of forming a team of British heroes. The path has been led for Cavill.

Here’s what the netizens think of Cavill as Wolverine in this fan art:

One user commented, “Super dope.”

Another added, “His facial hair and his structure will make him look a dope wolverine, honestly.”

Followed by one user saying, “As a Henry Cavil fan… because ya know he sexy 😜 I’d love to see this. Rumours also he’s up for Cyclops, Captain Britain, and Dr Doom, and I think he could easily do Cyclops and Cap, but Wolverine or Doom would be very interesting. Also, Warner Bros treated the dude very badly over the whole Superman shenanigans, so it would be cool to see the MCU give him the respect and kindness a seemingly nice guy like him deserves.”

“HOLY SMOKES DUDE! This is insane. I wouldn’t have dug this casting honestly until I saw this. He’s a bit tall, but part of Wolverine’s bit is he is often kinda hunched over like he’s always in attack mode. If Cavill adopted the posture and mannerisms he’d lose a couple inches already,” added another.

One suggested, “he needs to be magneto.”

A user wrote, “That is so sick @henrycavill even if it’s just speculation.. it works!!”

And, “Too tall fr.”

Check out the rest of the comments and pictures here:

On the work front, Henry Cavill’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is all set to hit the theatres on April 13. On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman-led Deadpool & Wolverine will be released on July 26.

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