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Fans Hail The Prequel As A “Throwback To 70s Horror”

The First Omen screening
The First Omen screening. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

The chilling prequel to the iconic Omen franchise, The First Omen, recently received a special screening courtesy of 20th Century Studios. Held on March 27th, the event brought together creators, cast, and crew, and left audiences thoroughly enthralled.

Early buzz suggests the film delivers a potent horror experience. Social media erupted with post-screening reviews praising the film’s technical mastery. Comments lauded the “literally to die for!” cinematography, while others highlighted Nell Tiger Free’s captivating lead performance.

The film’s adherence to classic horror elements also resonated with viewers. Many described it as a nightmarish “throwback to 70s horror,” hinting at an experience steeped in suspense and dread.

Helmed by director Arkasha Stevenson and based on characters by David Seltzer, The First Omen dives into the psychological horror genre. The film stars Nell Tiger Free, Tawfeek Barhom, Sonia Braga, and Ralph Ineson, with veteran actors Charles Dance and Bill Nighy rounding out the impressive cast.

Mark your calendars! The First Omen arrives in theatres on April 5th, ready to unleash a new wave of terror for horror fans everywhere.

Watch The First Omen Trailer Here:

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