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Did Rapper 50 Cent’s Ex-Girlfriend Daphne Joy Work As Sean Diddy Combs’ S*x Worker? New Shocking Claims Surface

New developments in the scandal of Sean Diddy Combs or P Diddy have dragged Rapper 50 Cent's Ex, Daphne Joy, into the mix
Music Producer Sean Diddy Comb’s House Was Raided Following Serious Allegation of Assault

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for music mogul Sean Diddy Combs, also known as Puff Daddy and Diddy. Music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones filed a $30 Million Lawsuit, resulting in raids at Diddy’s LA and Miami homes. The lawsuit accuses Diddy of running s*x trafficking circles, and the lawsuit has revealed a lot of disturbing details. New reports suggest that an improbable name has popped into the lawsuit: Rapper 50 Cent’s Daphne Joy. In the lawsuit, she is accused of being a s*x worker, and the allegations are daming.

The twists keep on coming in this Diddy scandal after the mention of high-profile names of celebrities like Prince Harry, Usher, and more. It all started in November of last year when Diddy‘s ex, Cassandra Ventura, accused him and filed a lawsuit against him. After which a few other women came out and blamed him for sexual assault as well.

Things escalated in February of 2024 when Rodney filed a $30 Million suit, alleging and accusing Diddy of s*x trafficking, sexual misconduct, and grooming minors.

The music producer has had his share of beef over the years, but his feud with ‘In Da Club’ Rapper 50 Cent takes the cherry. He also said that ‘Diddy was Done’ after the allegations about the rapper went public.

The latest twist in the scandal involves 50 Cent and the mother of his child. Reports suggest that Daphne Joy, a model and ex-partner of Rapper 50 Cent, is accused of being involved in Diddy’s alleged s*x trafficking ring.

Joy is also accused of working as a sex worker. She was allegedly one of three women Combs, 54, “bragged about” paying a “monthly stipend” to for their sex work. Joy has not responded to the claims, and there has been no official comment.

Daphne Joy met and started dating rapper 50 Cent in 2011 before ending their relationship. The two welcomed their son in 2012. It is not new information that 50 Cent has some beef with P Diddy. He has been relentlessly mocking the disgraced producer for all the lawsuits.

Meanwhile, Rodney Jones’s claims and allegations are alarming and involve mentions of s*x trafficking, sexual misconduct, solicitation, and even grooming. Mr Jones claims Combs sexually assaulted him and hosted parties for s*x workers and young girls.

He also claims Combs bullied him into soliciting prostitutes and pressuring him to have intercourse with them. The 54-year-old media mogul has dismissed the allegations, describing them as “pure fiction.”

The investigations are still underway, with more explosive revelations every day.

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