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Backlash Over Use Of AI Art In ‘Late Night With the Devil’

Backlash Over Use Of AI Art In 'Late Night With the Devil'
Backlash Over Use Of AI Art In ‘Late Night With the Devil’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

People are buzzing again about using fancy AI stuff in movies, all because of this new flick called ‘Late Night With the Devil’. It’s a spooky one set in the old days, where David Dastmalchian plays a talk show host like Johnny Carson. They bring some possessed guest to up their Halloween ratings, and things go downhill fast.

So, “Late Night With the Devil” is getting some flak from horror fans on social media ’cause they clocked that the interstitial art was AI-generated. You know, those title cards you see during ad breaks saying stuff like “We’ll be right back.” Cameron and Colin Cairnes, the Aussie brothers who made the movie, had to respond to the criticism in Variety. Even David Dastmalchian had to chat about it in a recent interview.

So, they teamed up with their fantastic graphics and design crew, who were all about nailing that ’70s vibe they wanted. They decided to play around with AI for three pics, which they then tweaked and squeezed into the movie as quick interstitials,” said Cameron and Colin Cairnes

Kevin McCarthy, the journalist, dropped a clip from his chat with Dastmalchian, where they got into the whole drama. McCarthy also mentioned how “Late Night With the Devil” hit the screens at SXSW last year and was shot before all those writer and actor strikes happened in Hollywood. When AI was causing a fuss in talks with the big studios.


It’s just sad; they had this excellent graphics team and loads of talented artists busting their butts to make “Late Night With the Devil” top-notch. But now, the AI art bit is stealing all the spotlight,” said Dastmalchian.

Dastmalchian’s backing the movie all the way, saying it’s original. He’s giving props to all the sweat and tears poured into building the sets and crafting the film’s world. But he admits it’s still a conversation worth having.

The plot of Late Night With the Devil

This found-footage horror film, directed and written by Cameron and Colin Cairnes, trails a documentary team as they delve into a chilling episode of the late-night talk show “Night Owls with Jack Delroy,” broadcasted live on October 31, 1977. In this spine-tingling episode, David Dastmalchian’s character, Jack Delroy, hosts a lineup of eerie guests, including a girl suspected of being possessed.

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