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Ahaan Cast, Movie, Release Date, Story, Netflix, 2021

Ahaan Cast, Movie, Release Date, Story, Netflix, 2021, Plot and Explained by

Ahaan is an Indian Hindi Language Movie Directed and Writter by Nikhil Pherwani. It is a Dramas and Independent Movies. This Movie has been made under the banner of Will Finds Way Films. It is available on the Movie Netflix.

Ahaan Story

The story of this movie is a boy named ahaan. Joe is 25 years old but his mind is childlike. Kuki Ahaan has a disease called downchildren. But ahaan wants to do all the things that the normal people want to do, he wants to go to office. And wants to get married. But due to his illness, he is not able to do all this. ahaan does a lot of kossei living. Here her mother helps and Anu is the best friend of Ahaan. Anu’s husband ozzy suffers from a disease called OCD and keeps fighting with his wife. And he does not like AHAAN at all. An Anu leaves her husband and then ozzy feels foolish. He meets the doctor to correct his illness. The doctor helps ozzy completely. And he takes the help of ahaan to talk to his wife. The dreams of ahaan could not be fulfilled, for this reason ahaan also leaves home and runs away. Does ozzy know how to bring her wife home? Does ahaan know how to fulfill your dreams? To know this, watch a movie.

Ahaan Cast

Arif Zakaria

Ahaan Cast

Abuli Mamaji

Ahaan Cast

Niharika Singh

Ahaan Cast

Rajit Kapoor
Plabita Borthakur
Shilpa Mehta
Kaizaad Kotwal
Sonali Sachdev
Haresh Raut

Ahaan Release Date

19 March 2021 (India)

Directed byNikhil Pherwani
Production byWill Finds Way Films
Written byNikhil Pherwani
Music byMichael Giacchino
Runtime81 min

Ahaan Movie Watch

You can watch this series on the available on Netflix in Hindi language.

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