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5 Reasons Why Anne Hathaway’s New Romance Movie is Highly Anticipated

5 Reasons Why Anne Hathaway's New Romance Movie is Highly Anticipated
The Idea Of You releases on Amazon Prime Video on May 2 ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Queen of Genovia is returning to Rom-coms! Anne Hathaway is returning to the rom-com genre with the highly anticipated movie The Idea Of You, co-starring Nicholas Galitzine. Reportedly based on fanfiction about the popular boy band One Direction, the film follows the story of a pop star who falls in love with a much older woman, played by Hathaway. The movie received much critical acclaim at the SXSW festival, and there is a lot of hype around the film. Here are Reasons Why Anne Hathaway’s New Romance Movie is Highly Anticipated

Anne Hathaway’s Return To Romantic Comedy

If you Are a fan of Anne Hathaway playing the lovable lead in romance movies, This movie will take you right back. It is filled with spicy scenes and witty banter. It is a whirlwind romance every boyband fan has dreamed of.

Nicholas Galitzine & Anne Hathaway’s Fresh Pairing

Since the two photos went viral last year, fans have been waiting to see more of the two together. The trailer also gave us a sneak peek into the chemistry of the two, which is adorable. The two seem so in love and cute that the excitement of seeing them in the movie has increased.

One Direction References

Since the movie is rumored to be based around One Direction fan fiction, people noticed a lot of visual similarities between One Direction and the fictional band August Moon—the hair styling, the clothes, and, most importantly, the stage setup.

Nicholas also has some similarities, looks with pop star Harry Styles, which helps.

BTS Inspired Choreography

Recently, reports have been doing the rounds that the K-pop mega band BTS inspires August Moon’s performances. The choreographer from the movie said they based the performance on some classic BTS steps.

Rom-com of the Year

The Idea Of You has been making for a long time since there were rumors about the final trailer. Fans have waited a long time to watch the movie. Critics and fans who got to see a first look have been raving about this movie, calling it the Rom-Com of the year.

Watch The Trailer Of ‘The Idea Of You Here’:

The Idea Of You stars Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine in lead roles. The movie will be available to stream on May 2 on Prime Video.

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